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Gina doesn't update anymore...but she's still alive!!!

Hello everyone!!! So I really don't update this anymore, and I'm not going to sit here and say that I'm going to start again because I don't think that I will. 3: I still love tl;dr'ing about my boring life so that hasn't changed, but updating this has become a chore instead of fun. ^^; And most of the people who I used to be friends with on here have moved on~ so I don't really have a circle of LJ friends anymore like I once did. I mean, I may come back here because I go through phases with everything I'm obsessed with but ehhhh I wouldn't totally count on it. I'm just going to update with LIFE CHANGING INFORMATION!1!!!!1 or things I feel I really need to tl;dr about. I was actually going to do this when I met Adam Lambert in February, but then it never happened and I live-tweeted the whole day on Twitter and have in burned in my memory forever so I ended up feeling like it was unnecessary. :P But yeah. I guess that's the only time to expect me here. Sorry. /o\ It's kind of sad because LJ has been a part of me for years and years and years but I guess that's what happens~

Anyway, for those of you who are on my f-list that DO still read my journal or whatever, this is a post to show that I am not dead!!!! And you can find me at other places.

Twitter: @ginaisfantastic
I am OBSESSED with Twitter. OBSESSED. I tweet every day and my tweet count is embarrassing. So if you have a Twitter account then you can follow me and you will see me all the time. Half of my tweets are about Adam though because I originally made that for fandom purposes, but if that doesn't bother you (or it's something you encourage~) then by all means follow away. :D

Tumblr: ginasaur-x3
This one I check less, but still often. I tend to go on Tumblr when I have absolutely nothing else to do or I'm bored. :] I like to think my Tumblr is fun and cute, though. I post Disney and Adam and food and baby animals and ponies and anime! That's literally it. 8D If your blog is similar or I ~know you I will follow back.

Yeahhhh just wanted to give a heads up of where to find me if you currr. Thank you for your time. :] Love you~
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Shou; >:(

Ginasaur? Who's that??

...I really haven't updated since the beginning of November? Oh dear. Well...hi everyone!! o/ What's my excuse this time, you ask? Well I can go and say I was busy again which technically I was to a point, but also I was lazy. And had nothing to talk about. But mostly lazy!!! Because I like talking and I could always find things to ramble about. Like what I'm doing right now...ahem. Once again I'll apologize for not keeping up with all of your posts and doing my usual commenting because that always makes me feel a lot worse than me not updating. :( And I'll also say I hope all of you had a great Christmas (if you celebrate it of course) and New Years!!!

So what's been up with me...for starts; SCHOOL! School. Oh my goodness. I ACTUALLY PASSED EVERYTHING. LIKE...REALLY PASSED. I MEAN NO D'S, EVEN!!! MY LOWEST GRADE WAS A B. WHAT. I ended this semester with an A in yoga (lol tho how sad would it have been if I didn't get this grade) and B+'s in everything else except for Italian where I just got a B. I have seriously no idea how I pulled this off. I started going down in grades in Anthropology which made me a little sad because I was doing awesome in that class initially. What really screwed me up there was that I failed a project. :/ I was PISSED because I worked reallyreally hard on it and I neeever failed a project in any class before because usually they help me, but apparently I did it all wrong and ugh that's what brought me down to a B+. Whatever. Western Civ I got lucky because his tests were all awful and had nothing to do with any of the notes we took in class, but thankfully I did fantastically on both the midterm and final and also this paper we had to write on the Canterbury Tales. Whiiich I read in its entirety in one whole week!! I WAS SO PROUD OF MYSELF! Astronomy I just fucking fought hard and study my brains out and nearly died because of it. I got a 100 on a test which was so shocking and I remember I nearly pounced my hot teacher when he told me the news. After that I only failed one more test and the rest I got really high grades on!! And I even did an extra credit research paper which I got full points on because it was a fantastic paper if I do say so myself. This class was the first time that I started off failing and ended with a really great grade!! Accomplishments! Yay!!! Italian on the other hand I have no clue how I got a B. NO IDEA. Not even kidding, I only passed one test in that class. I did good on the project and speech we had to do there and I was a suck up and always did my homework and came to class so I was hoping for a D in the end but...seriously. Only passed one test. So I have no clue how my grade turned into a B so I considered it an Italian Christmas miracle (I saw the grade on Christmas day!!!) and had a party for myself. My GPA went down because of getting all B's but I did way better than I had expected so I am happy enough. Now for more stress next semester. I am taking another Math class. SUCKS TO BE ME!!!!

My Christmas was good. I was excited to give my parents my gifts to them because I thought they were good. I got my mom this new thermo cup...thing (it was more exciting to her than it sounds!!! Really!) and two books that she wanted to read. For my dad I got a gift basket of different chocolates which was an aweeeesome idea on my part because I never know wtf to get him and he likes chocolate so...good job, Gina!!! I got some great gifts too. I got a new digital camera!!!!!! I had one but it took the worst pictures ever. Never buy a camera based on his color, lesson learned.... It's a Canon PowerShot SX1150. It takes beautiful pictures. I haven't taken anything ~serious with it, but the pictures I took as a test came out great. I love it so much! I can't wait to really put it to use. :] I also got the Sailor V manga (!!!!), two Sailor Moon t-shirts and Sailor Moon pins! It felt like old times getting all this Sailor Moon stuff haha. Then I got Tangled on DVD and the re-mastered Lion King on DVD, new pajamas, Rainbow Brite slippers, a purple Snuggie, a necklace, a bunch of nail stuff, and some fantastic smelling lotion, body spray and body wash from Victoria's Secret!!!! And my 2012 calendar is of chihuahuas. :D Yay!

Then I got sick...I got sick the day before New Year's Eve. Fun! I think I had the flu. Or a really terrible cold. I'm still kind of sick but improving!! I had a fever and I was super weak and I was sleeping all day and didn't feel hungry and had no energy to go on my computer! Now because I'm addicted to the internet that's how you know I was sick!!! I am so whiny when I'm sick, I don't deal with it very well. ^^; I just want to curl up in a ball and dieeee, I don't think I'd survive if I ever had anything really serious wrong with me. xD;; I got my strength back finally yesterday and today I can actually BREATHE out of my nose, now I just have a really terrible cough. Last night I was coughing all night...nothing was helping it. I didn't fall asleep until 4 AM because of it! D: So today I am a sleepy/cranky Gina. But KNOCK ON WOOD I haven't been coughing too much today so far so maybe that's ending too. Went into 2012 being sick...yeaaaah, starting the new year right! xD; Good thing I'm not sentimental about the year's changing (new years is my least favorite holiday, even) or else this would be really depressing! And I think what I've learned is that it's time to suck it up and get a yearly flu shot. But first I should probably find a doctor for myself first, right? And get my blood pressure

And some random stuff I could talk about:
-I got back into playing the Sims 2! \o/ I've been wanting to play it for a while but I really thought for some reason I should never install it into a laptop. I don't know, I am not tech savvy. But I tried installing it and it worked out just fine with plenty of room on my laptop to spare and nothing exploding which is always a sign of a job well done! I've been playing it non-stop since school ended. :D It's so much fun!!! I forgot how addicting it is. I want some expansion packs...
-I am now re-watching Yugioh GX with Larissa!! They have all the episodes on Hulu so we watch them while on the phone together. I haven't actually seen her since she came home because I'm not a very good best friend. But she moved and lives an hour away so if she really wants to see me she can come here tbh :P Anyway. I love GX. :3 We're watching the dub and then when we get to season 4 we'll watch with subs. I've noticed that Judai/Asuka DO have a lot of hints in the first season but I still don't ship it. :X I don't know why the dub makes Asuka so annoying when she's really not that bad of a character. :/ Her body makes 0 sense to me, though. Judai is the CUTEST dear god, I think when we get to season 3 and 4 I'm gonna get so depressed when his cuteness leaves and he becomes an emo blob. ;___; And already I find things about GX that irritate me and I need to have headcanons for to keep me from going insane. Maybe I will write a Tumblr post about these thoughts. But probably not. Also I think dub!Shou has chronic diarrhea, no one can worry 24/7 and not have diarrhea. This is such a weird thing to even write about.
-My laptop is trying really hard to not last until March. C'mon, sweetie, two more months....
-Is there a way to delete all of your tags on LiveJournal? I hate all of the ones I have and I have too many and I don't think I'm going to use tags anymore since I'm really not gonna go back and read all of my posts about a certain topic...ever. The only way I know how to delete them is so time consuming!! This is a first world problem!!!
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Here's an update!!

I'm actually updating within a week's time so I'm proud. \o/ This week was my first week of classes. Monday's classes ended up being canceled because of the hurricane over the weekend. :3 The school wanted a day to clean up the campus so it would be ~safe for the return of students. It's super windy at my school on a good day so I could imagine how that campus was during the hurricane!! But it was nice for me because hayyyyy I don't mind getting days off from the weather! 8D ...Even if I was looking forward to a day off even without starting classes. xD; I just don't like school, what can I say~ :P The hurricane ended up being anti-climatic, at least where I live. I know parts of NJ got reallyyyy flooded so that's scary!! I ended up coming out of this storm extremely lucky, because parts of Long Island lost power for DAYS! I can't even survive losing power or internet for a few hours so I have no idea what I would've done if I was in that situation. D: I probably would've went insane. Or died. Or both! Kevin lost power for a little over 24 hours, he was texting me a lot during that time and he sounded like he was slowly losing his mind so I felt bad. ^^; I talked to Mike and he lost power for three days. And Lexie said that she only just got her power back yesterday!!!! The entire western part of my town had lost power too, I know my mom was saying a lot of people at her job were in that situation. So YES I definitely came out lucky!!! Thank god!! There were no damages, either, just a really messy backyard but no major problems. I felt bad for one of my neighbors because they had a flagpole in their front yard and that snapped in half. But thankfully it fell towards the street and not towards their house so no windows were broken. \o/ All the storm was for me was A LOT of wind and heavy rain. Which meant I got maybe 3 hours of sleep. I wasn't very tired that night so I had went to bed late, and then woke up an hour later because the winds were soooo noisy!! They were so hard that my windows were shaking. I was trying reallyyyy hard to fall back asleep but I just couldn't. ^^; I'm a super light sleeper and I need SILENCE to sleep. Plus my bed leans against a wall that has a window so that made things harder. So I was basically awake from 3 AM to 5 AM and then I had to wake up around 8:30. My whole body was aching from the lack of sleep, especially my legs. I hate that so much. D: I guess it's my own fault for not going to bed early but I guess I didn't think the storm was going to be so bad at night? I thought it was supposed to be mostly on Sunday! Plus I would've been woken up half of the night from the storm anyway so either way I would've been tired. I was even more happy to have Monday off because it gave me an extra day to relax and sleep in before going back to my school schedule. Obviously my family and I came out of the storm safely, there was a tornado watch for my area during the storm but I didn't wake up in Oz so I guess none of them hit! (Though it sounds like fun to go to Oz...too bad...) There was no storming on Sunday at all!! It was just dark and felt like rain, but nothing else happened. As I said, pretty anti-climatic storm for my part but that's definitely for the best I think. Long Island definitely wouldn't hold up if we got a huuuuge storm. :P

Then my Texan relatives were over last weekend. It wasn't as bad seeing them as I thought it would be. A tad awkward because I didn't even know what they LOOKED like (the last time I saw them I was 4 years old) but not as bad as I assumed. My uncle said a few racist things, but nothing that made me rage...they were just super ignorant and dumb so they made me roll my eyes and laugh on his expense. So that's definitely good. \o/ It was kind of cute when my dad and uncle were reunited again. They hugged and were happy and d'awwww. :3 They're both the only family member that they talk to since my dad's side is pretty fucked up. They don't get to see each other very often because of distance, so it was nice that they got to last weekend. My aunt is really pretty. She didn't put down her phone for one second, though. I think both of them are going through a mid-life crisis to be honest, and I learned some new stuff about my cousins. They left them at home, and they are nothing at all like how they were when they were younger. My one cousin is actually pregnant with her boyfriend of only one year and she's only 24 and not married or with an established job. Sounds like a woopsie. :X In a way I am kind of proud of my cousins, though. My uncle was suuuuuuuuuuuper controlling with them growing up and kept them really sheltered (not going into details, but just trust me with this) so in a way I'm kind of proud that they broke free and took freedom with such force! They didn't grow up the way my uncle had wanted and you could tell that he's disappointed and resentful, but I'm happy for them for that. You can't do exactly what somebody have to make your own life and your own choices!! I'm not saying that you should make BAD choices, but with how sheltered and controlled they were growing up, I'm glad that they did such radical things already. Good for them! I would've done that if I was in their shoes, too!!! All in all it wasn't that bad of a weekend. I can't say I LIKE my uncle, I'd probably like my aunt more if I knew her, but no Gina rage happened! Which is especially good because on Sunday I had such little sleep on me. So I would've been veeeery low on patience if something had happened. :X

And now my school adventures!! Okay so my first day ended up being Tuesday so it was nice to have an extra day to rest/prepare. I'm just gonna talk about my classes class-to-class instead of day to day because nothing really ~*earth shattering*~ happened on a certain day that needs to be talked about.

Yoga; We've only did one actual class of yoga (Tuesday was just talking about the class, so Thursday we actually did stuff) and I have to say I actually liked it!! I don't know if this opinion will change or not but it was kind of nice. It was relaxing because we ~meditated, and the positions weren't that difficult for me to do because I'm naturally flexible from doing dance for so long! Granted these were probably the ~beginner's positions and it'll get harder, but I think I should be okay. I'm happy that I chose this class. \o/ If I have to be in a gym class this is a good gym. :D My teacher seems like someone who would teach and do yoga. xD She's very...spiritual. Some of the things she says are funny because of that. She's very into it. But she's nice! I think you'd have to be pretty nice to be a yoga teacher, though. How could you be mean if you're trying to relax everyone, right? :P It's a 9:00 class and I think it's at a good time for me. In the morning, but not ass-o-clock and I like that it's a start to my day. We'll see how this opinion changes as the year goes on~

Astronomy; This teacher is really nice and funny. :3 And he's attractive, he looks like he was cute in his younger years~ I want to be careful because ratemyprofessors says that he's really nice but has hard tests so he is tricky. /o\ I'm going to work really hard in this class. We have to be there for a while on Tuesdays because we have labs to do, so I'm glad that he's so nice at least. It makes spending the extra time there a little more enjoyable.

Italian; This teacher... DDDD: He talked in nothing but Italian the entire class. :/ He told us that his English isn't that good so he's going to mostly teach Italian. ......IF YOUR ENGLISH IS NOT THAT GOOD WHY ARE YOU A TEACHER!?!?! Omg I wanted to start crying. ;_; This class is going to be a nightmare. I assumed that it would be already because Italian is just as bad of a subject for me as Math is, but gahhhh I wanted a really good teacher. ;_; Or at least an easy teacher because Italian is super hard for me so I'd love to take the easy way out! Hopefully this was just a bad first impression and I'll do alright. :/ If I pass this will be my last Italian class forever most likely so that will be my inspiration. I hateeee learning new languages. I don't see the point. /o\ This is something that should totally be optional, I am never going to move to Italy. There's a bunch of people I know in this class, mostly people from last year's class. This girl that would always suck up to the teacher is in my class again so now she has a whole new teacher to suck up to. Greaat a whole new semester of that. >:(

And then my last two classes are Western Civilization and Anthropology. I have no individual thoughts about those, just that my teachers are both really nice thankfully and it sounds like they're going to be giving a lot of work. So basically with all of these things together I'm gonna be working my butt off!! /o\ In a way it's kinda good though, because my mind has been a not-so-fun place lately and I want to be kept busy. But at the same time I don't want to die from stress and I certainly don't want to fail everything or anything. D: So let's just work hard and see what happens. Bleeeeh, school. I get another Monday off because of Labor Day so at I'm sort of starting off slow? I feel pressured to study everyday, though, because I'm not really good at school and everything seems hard. I'll probably do some Italian review after I post this, actually. Sigh.
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Finally a post!!

I haven't updated in a while!! I was busy with real life, then LJ had that DDOS attack so when I was bored and probably would've been updating it was down, then a lot of stuff in Adam fandom was happening so I was distracted with that, and thennnn I was just lazy. So yes, a lot of excuses as to why I haven't been around. :P So here's a check-in post from me to show you guys that I'm still alive and around~

First of all I want to say thank you to lexiewallace who bought me a 6 month extension on my paid account today!!! I was actually saving all of my icons (finally) so I could delete some to have 15 (again...finally) when she bought it for me so it was a real :DDDD moment. MY ICONS ARE SAVED!!!! It was hard to decide which 15 I wanted to keep, especially because there were 2 that I was torn over if I should delete them or keep them. ^^; So it's great to not have to worry about that!

Now what's been going on with me~
-Larissa slept over two weekends in a row. She's living at her aunts house at the moment with 9 people under one roof so I had her come over to get awayyy. Plus she's leaving for college soon so it was nice to spend time with her. :P We had fun both times. The first week she slept over we saw Harry Potter!!! SUCH a good movie!!! I cried from when Snape died and onwards. ^^; I'm hoping to see it a second time with my mom in theaters. Mainly because it was just sooooo good so I'd like to see it again before it comes on DVD, but also because I want my mom to see the movie in all awesomeness and have the full theater experience~ :D
-I'm getting new bedroom furniture put in next Wednesday!! :DDD I went to pick it out this week. I'm getting a new mattress, bed frame and a new dresser. The mattress I especially need because mine is super uncomfortable. :( I also want to get rid of this chest in my room and replace it with a chair or something, but it was a lot of money to buy all of these things so we're gonna wait a few weeks for that. I got a temperpedic mattress!! I ~tested the one at the store and it was sooooo comfortable. I always wanted one so I'm thrilled!! Plus it has to be something that will be good for me because my back always hurts. I really can't wait until it arrives!! The furniture is super nice, too. The bedframe was actually my second choice but meh~ My first choice was really different and cool and I loved it as soon as the guy showed it to me. But then he looked at the book a second time and told us that he was wrong about the frame being for a twin-sized. Womp womp. The frame I decided on is similar to this one, though, so it's not that bad. And it's a hell of a lot nicer than the one I have now so I'm happy. :P It's a lot of nice stuff! I'm excited for the different look it's going to give my whole bedroom when it arrives, too. :D Anddd the bed has a drawer underneath!! Which I will love because I store so many things under my bed. Now I'll have an actual place for them!! Yaaay! (Plus with a drawer under my bed, that means the monster that lives there is gonna have to find a new home! ;D)
-Tomorrowwww I'm getting my hair done. I'm going to dye it! Gonna change from brown with highlights to a dirty blonde. I want to be blonde but not crazy scary bleached if that makes sense. I have dark eyebrows so that would look ridiculous on me!! If there was a chart of colors I want whatever the first or second color that transitions from brown to blonde to be my hair. I have pictures as examples that I put on my phone that I'm gonna show my hair dresser tomorrow. When I first get my hair highlighted it always looks soooo light and practically blonde and I always love it! Then as soon as I wash it the brightness fades and it just goes back to highlights. Which I really like (obviously~ or I wouldn't have kept highlights for so long!!!) but I want my hair to be that first bright color 24/7. ...Or at least until it's time to get it recolored. xD I think I look nice during that period, so I think it should look good on me! Obviously blonde, but still subtle...not crazy, and natural looking. That's what I want!! My hairdresser is AWESOME so I trust her. :D Whenever I explain to her what I want done to my hair she does itttt and it's awesome. :3 So I'm really excited about that. I hope it looks good!!!! I think it will. Unless she fucks up the color somehow (which I don't ~think she will but I guess anything could happen) because that could be tragic. xD; Not the end of the world since it's just hair and it always grows out/back/can be fixed, but still. :P Wish me luck~! I will post pictures!!

Nothing earth-shattering in this post. ...Not that I ever post earth-shattering things. Just wanted to do an update and say YES I am indeed alive.
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Fixing my icons is gonna be something I never do, isn't it?

I had a busy but fun weekend! I can't lie, I feel pretty cool when I'm all social and go out and do things because I'm not the most social and exciting person in the world. Plans changed a littleeee bit but I still had a lot of fun!! Saturday was Larissa's ~going away~ party as I said, and even though I got attacked by bugs which of course freaked me the hell out anddd my legs got eaten alive by mosquitoes, it was fun! I got to see Alex like I said, which is always happy times because she is awesome and I don't see her nearly as much as I wish I could! Also it's still cool to think "haaay you were an internet friend last year! Now we're real friends!!" Exciting stuff. I ended up not sleeping over Larissa's house afterall, but that was just my choice because it was just too busy of a weekend and I didn't want to overdo it. I ended up staying with Larissa and Alex later than the party, along with two of her friends that I had just met that day named Christina and Nelson. They were nice. And nerdy. I had fun with them and added them on Facebook. YAY new friends!! Nelson was semi-annoying and hit on me a few times which was awkward, so it made me happy that if I ever saw him again it would just be a once and a while sort of thing. I definitely don't think he's someone I could hang out with alllll the time. ^^; He hit on me in such a...odd way, too. He told me at one point that I had really pretty feet. How do you even answer that? Thank you? Cool? I know? He was nice, though, all things considered. And I like it when new people that I meet are outgoing because I tend to feed on other people's energy so it helps me a lot. The way the other person acts with me determines if I'm gonna be a shy blob or a normal functioning human being. :P I ate so much at Larissa's party! Had a hot dog, chicken, potato salad, some chips, watermelon, a doughnut, and then at the end of the day we went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner. Foooooood. :9 I think if you get to eat a lot of food and all of it was good, then the day can't be that bad! I missed Alex when the day was over!!! I wanna invite her back to Long Island soon so she could spend time at my house and I could see her face some more. :3

Sunday was my chill day, and Monday was back to adventures~! It was Kevin C.'s annual 4th of July party!!! The 4th of July is another holiday that I don't really like... I am probably just a grouch, but truthfully I think it's kind of annoying. I love fireworks, but they are only nice if they happen during a show that you were planning on watching. If you're relaxing at home and fireworks are going on outside it just sounds like gunshots and UGH shut up. So it's good that for the past few years I had a planned place to go on the 4th of July so that way I could see fireworks for real and enjoy the holiday without being cranky! Larissa went this year too, this was the first year that she went. Kevin has such a nice pool and house ahhhh I want to kick his family out and live there myself. :X I didn't get to swim in his pool as much as I wanted to, though, so I think I might just have to invite myself over again rudely to see that pool again. ;D Weirdly enough I didn't talk to Kevin C. that much during the party because he invited a lottt of friends over. We also didn't get to go up on his roof to watch fireworks!!! :( Which was disappointing because that's always my favorite part! There were too many people at the party this year and not everyone would have been able to, so Kevin's parents didn't want anyone to do it. I guess it was fair but awwww that part is always the most fun!!! Hopefully we'll be able to next year. It wasn't toooo bad, though, because my friends and I set up in the back of the yard to see the firework show. And it was still pretty! Larissa took a lot of pictures because I still don't have a good camera, so I stole them and put them up on Facebook!! Not gonna post them here, but if you're my friend on there feel free to check them out!

Todaaaaaaay I went driving!! For the second time ever! Only the first time I drove it was kind of more of a "hurr derp let's do this for lulz", this time was actual learning. Everything is weird! Even putting on my seatbelt felt weird because I'm just not used to anything. My mother, of course was a nervous wreck which made me nervous so I hope she can calm down to teach me. ^^; Nervousness is not gonna help me learn! I guess I did okay? I didn't even play with the gas yet. I was just learning the breaking and how the car rolls and the feel of the wheels. We practiced in the parking lot of this park. I found out that I am naturally good at parallel parking! I was driving in a straight line from one end to the other, parking in a spot and then reversing to turn around and do it again, and I am apparently good at straightening my wheels because everytime I pulled into a spot I was straight and right in the middle! Without even trying to! Yay! At least I'm naturally good at something. I think I should be okay...I'm just not used to anything and that's what made it hard. Once I learn the feel of the car I think everything else will come naturally for me and I'll (hopefully) be good at it!! It's uncomfortable and foreign for me right now. Hopefully I could get it soon! I don't want to be bad at it like ~certain friends of mine. I want to learn fastttt. :( I'm not rushing, but I don't want to have my permit for years and years, y'know? I hope I can try again soon! If I'm good at straightening out my wheels for the very first time in the driver's seat then it's a good sign, right? I hopeeee. :X

-A friend that I never hang out with invited me to go bowling this weekend! Kevin L., Kevin C. and Cara were invited too but so were some people I don't know. I wanna go! I'm excited because I need new real life friends and new people to hang out with so this is good. Yay! Let's hope it works out!
-My dad is going to be off for the next 2 weeks... :/ Wish me luck with that. There have been bad times in the past. We have to go out to buy my mom a birthday present too so...I know that day will be a fight since it always is. Bleh. At least my mother planned some fun things for the week. We're going to see Cirque du Soleil on Wednesday and on Saturday we're going into NJ for that big flea market! I'm excited about those things!

And on a final note I saw a bunch of people on my f-list taking this so I copied and took it too! It's a personality pattern test. I'm posting my results and bolding what's true! Also going to post a link to the test there, if you're interested.
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Survey! Yay!

-I still haven't done anything about my icons... xD;
-Starting tomorrow I have a busy weekend ahead of me! But filled with good things!! Going to Larissa's ~going away party~ on Saturday that her parents are throwing for her. She's going to a college upstate which is why they're having it. I think it would make more sense to throw it at the end of August since that's when she's leaving's not my decision. :P Plus they probably want to make it a 4th of July party too. But that'll be fun. It's gonna be at the park and they're making barbecue! Andddd my friend Alex is coming down from NJ to go so I'm excited that I'll be seeing her too! I may be sleeping over Larissa's house with the two of them, but I'm not 100% sure about that yet. Then on Monday I'm going to Kevin C.'s annual 4th of July party!!! That's alwaysss a lot of fun so I'm really excited. Then in two weeks I have more to be excited about because I'm going to go into NYC with my parents to see Cirque Du Soleil!!!!!! SO excited for that, I've wanted to see that for years! It's gonna be an awesome show. :D
-And I have some other exciting news. Yesterday I (finally) got my permit!!!!!! OMG I was so happy and relieved. Now I am officially going to get on with learning how to drive, and this time it's for real. :D I decided that I wanted to get my permit before June ends that way I could have a full summer to learn and maybe I'll get my license really soon! Obviously I'm not rushing anything (I mean seriously...I only just got my permit at 20 years old.) but I hope that it comes quickly for me so I could be driving on my own really soon. The permit test was...ridiculously easy. I felt silly for being so nervous about it because it was completely common sense. xD; And super easy common sense. One of the questions...and I'm not even lying, said:

"When taking a over-the-counter drug before driving what should you do?"
a.) Read the label and warning before taking it.
b.) Take the drug anyway and see what happens.
c.) It doesn't matter.
d.) Don't take the drug, but drink alcohol instead.

WAT REALLY. I just kinda stared at the test like "O.o" when I read that. A lotttt of the questions were overly simple like that. xD; Other than that they were really mixed, the only subject that had a lot were sign questions which I did really well on because I studied those hard. I'm so happy that I passed it, though!! Now I just have to wait for my permit ID to actually come in the mail. I am 99% sure that I am not looking at the camera in my picture, though, so we're gonna have to see how this turns out. -_- What happened was that I was looking straight ahead and smiling like a fool and it was taking a while. So I glanced to my side to see if she was taking the picture now or not and then I saw the flash go off. -_____- Fffuu. I looked back really quick so lets hope they caught that instead.
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It finally feels like summer & I have a new cell phone!

On Wednesday I went to the beach for the first time this summer!!! Oh man it was beautiful. <3 It was soooo hot out this week but it felt great at the beach. :3 When you get close to the water there's always a breeze even if it was warm, and the water was so clean! I swam a little bit but only once because the water was still too cold to do more than just a little dip in to cool off. But I just mostly relaxed in the sun and talked with my mommy. I had a great time!! I was so happy that I got to go. We're going to go every single week as per tradition. >:] I hope it warms up again this week so we could do another beach trip!

Then on Thursday I got my phone checked out. We decided we were going to take it to the Verizon store firstttt that way they could tell us what was wrong with it and then we were going to take the next step. My mom said she would buy me a new phone if they said the repair was going to be too expensive because it just wasn't worth it. But we both decided that if the repair was minor then I was gonna give the phone to Larissa and get it fixed by her mom for free the next day. So when we went to the store they said that a repair would be expensive which we kind of expected them to say because they're big on selling you a new phone. Buuuut what was nice was that they looked at our contract and said that I was due to upgrade to a new phone so I was allowed to pick out a brand new phone for free. So at this point I weighed my options... Get a huge repair on my phone done for free by Larissa's mom...or get a shiny new phone for free. NEW PHONE WON! 8D I'm not big on upgrading all the time because I'm a person who will keep an old piece of technology until it falls apart in my hand. But my phone was broken and hey, I will take a new phone if you give it to me for no cost at all. I don't know many people who wouldn't. :P So at first I was going to get an upgraded version of my old phone called the Samsung Reality. It was the same exact phone, just styled a little differently and apparently worked better. And of course it was shinier. :3 I had told them that I wanted a phone similar to mine in the sense that I could get on the internet with it (Twitter more specifically), use a touch screen and flip to a keyboard to text and that's what they handed me at first. But while I was looking at the phone I was thinking "waaait, it's not every day that you could get a free phone. Why don't I get something totally different?" So I asked about smart phones! I was saying how I thought the Droid was pretty cool so I looked at one of those. Turns out they're a $400 phone! We had to pay a $10 to change my contract so I could add a media part to it (for unlimited apps) but y'know...a $400 phone basically for free and just a $10 contract change? That is a veeeeeeeery nice deal. So now I have an Android LG Ally! The guy told me I had two weeks to test out the phone and if I hated it I could come back and switch to the Samsung Reality for no charge at all. When I first brought home the phone it was veeeery overwhelming. The Samsung Rouge was cool enough for me because I was able to get online with it, so this one is waaaay more advanced. I didn't know how to do ANYTHING on it!! I spent a good two hours just trying different things on my phone and pressing buttons to figure it all out. I'm learning it well! And...I must say I love it. It's soooo cool and it could do basically anything. I'm definitely going to keep this phone. It's basically a little laptop!! I am in love. And strangely enough the battery power is better than my old pone even though everyone says the Droid's battery is bad. So I'm happy with this phone all around! Lets hope that it lasts for a while. :D
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My laptop is BACK! And faster than I expected!

YESSS that's right! I brought my laptop to the repair shop this morning and got it back by this afternoon! I am SOOOO happy. First of all I found the bill this morning too and I was wrong about the warranty. Their warranty lasts 60 days, not 30. And it was only 47 days since my laptop was repaired in April, so we were able to get it fixed for FREE! Another nice thing is that if you're bringing your computer back to the shop for the same problem under the warranty, they put you as first priority. Sooo...yelling at them wasn't really necessary because they had the right idea for us at least. When we went in there to have them check it out, they said that the prong just seemed loose and not actually broken. So they said that they would tighten it for us and have it back to us by later that day. But I actually didn't believe them when they said that, because when I first got it fixed they said it would take 2 days and instead it took 2 weeks. So....yeah, took it with a grain of salt. But sure enough they did actually call later on in the day! :3 And I'm on my laptop now!! <3 It wasn't that bad of a day, either, because I got a lot of work done!! I cleaned my entire room top to bottom so I wasn't bored or anything today. :D I felt productiveeee. They said that the prong probably got loose because of the weight from my charger. This charger's cord is a lot shorter than my past two so if I sit on my bed with it, the power adapter hangs there. So I guess the prong getting loose wasn't ~technically their fault. >.> But I didn't know that this was gonna break anything tbh. This is a brand new charger and the first one I had a ~length problem with. (Hehe length problem.... /12 years old) When I sit at my desk with my laptop the power adapter sits on my desk next to my computer so it's no problem. But if I sit on my bed with my laptop and it needs to be charged, the cord doesn't reach all the way and the adapter was hanging above the floor. I'm *usually* at my desk when I go on the computer, but if my back hurts or I'm really tired I go on my bed with it. I do that when I go on at night, too, just because it's more comfortable than sitting up. I only have one outlet in my room and I need to actually get the outlet thing replaced because everything I plug in there falls out if you move it even slightly. So I can't use that to plug in my charger because it would just keep falling out and that's annoying! Which is why I use the power strip in my room to plug it in but that's where the problem comes in because my bed is on the other side of the room from the power strip. But now I have an extension cord so I could rest the adapter on the bed with me when I sit there and charge. Yay! So I shouldn't have any problems anymore. ...Hopefully. >.> At least they didn't actually do anything wrong that last time so my anger towards them is gone. :3 And this problem shouldn't happen again since I'm now ~prepared and know this is a problem that could happen. AND the whole fiasco was free. YAY!

But my technology problems still aren't over... Now my cell phone is broken. -___- It was having a few problems but I didn't think any of them were really that big of a deal. They were all problems you could deal with so I figured I would just ask for a new phone for Christmas. The screen was turning different colors when I flip to the keyboard, and my off key is kind of hard to press now. Dealable things. But nowwww when I receive or make a call I could hear everything, but the person can't hear me. :| It's weird because I could receive calls and everything but it's like I'm on mute! I don't even understand why this happened because my phone is notttt old at all, and okay I've dropped it a few times but not THAT much and it's not been through the hell other people's phones have been through. Plus this is so sudden! Ugh!! My first cell phone was a Razr, not fancy, and all it did was make calls, take pictures and text basically. But the phone didn't ever have a problem and lasted for so long! I finally got my current phone because my last one's buttons were falling out!!! Figures, the newer stuff lasts for less time... So I'm going to go to the Verizon store on Thursday to see what the hell is up with my phone. We're gonna see how much a repair costs and see if it's worth it to actually get it fixed, or if I should just buy a new phone. I already have a plan, so the cost would be literally just getting a phone which is one price and they always have rebates and whatever so I have to say Verizon Wireless gives good deals. I'm thinking of maaaaybe getting a Droid because of how cool those phones are. ^^; But I'm worried about their touch screens! They respond to heat, not touch so the only way they work is if you use your fingers to press things. I have long nails so I actually use my nails for eeeverything, and with my current phone the touch screen is so sensitive so I could press things with my nails! Getting a heat-responsive touch screen phone means I'll have to re-train the way that I use a phone. Which is a painnnn because I have been doing everything with my nails for a year now. But I think I coulddd get used to it. I'm sure people with long nails have iPhones and stuff and eventually get used to it. I have to do my research! My other option is that Larissa's mom is a manager for a Verizon Wireless company so she could fix my phone for free! Then I wouldn't even need to get a new phone for Christmas because my phone would be good as new and I could keep it until the next problem without any money spent. But I don't know how ~big of a repair it'll be so even if it's free I'm trying to think if it's gonna be a huge repair that'll take a day or two, is that even worth it? I guess we'll see. Gonna do some research on this. I doooo have to make a decision fast, though, because the fact that I basically can't use my phone for calls is kind of an emergency. :/ God forbid something happened and I needed it...-_-

UGH too many technology problems! Why does everything happen all at once?
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Rage induced post.

This is going to be short, sweet and to the point. I am writing this because I am blowing up right now and I have no ears to go to.

WHY THE FUCK IS MY CHARGER CONNECTOR NOT WORKING AGAIN!? I DON'T KNOW OR CARE IF THAT'S THE REAL NAME FOR IT I JUST WANT TO KNOW WHY THE FUCK IT'S BROKEN. AGAIN. I looked back in my entries and I got the piece of shit fixed in April. It was expensive. My charger had broke too so with both things together it was a lot of fucking money. I had to wait for my laptop to be fixed for TWO AND A HALF WEEKS and it was torturous and I had school work to do that needed a computer on top of it and I lived off of my cell phone the entire time. A cell phone that loses battery power very easily. And the whole time I was PISSED AS HELL because the repair shop was giving me all these promises that never happened and instead I was just waiting forever for them to get their shit together. So after allllll of that I thought "hey! At least I know my computer is fixed now! It was all worth it in the end. :]" ...........SO WHY AM I HAVING PROBLEMS AGAIN!?

It's not aaaaaaaaas bad as it was the last time I got it fixed. Like, it DOES ~technically charge and there isn't a burning smell like the last time. But I have to hold the wire in all sorts of weird ways for it to work. :| Like right now I am sitting on my bed when my desk is so much more comfortable for laptop times, and I have my laptop sitting on my knees and the laptop charger cord between my legs and wrapped once around my left one. I am refusing to move. I am pretty sure charging your laptop shouldn't come to this.

It wasssssss working fine, but now it's broken again and I don't understand why! :( I was so careful with it and I didn't do anything wrong. I am soooo upset. Especially because it's summer vacation and I have nothing to do and my one source of...something to do is going to be taken away from me. WHY. And what sucks the most is there was a 30 day warranty but it's technically been 2 months so I think that's up. :/ ...BUT REALLY AFTER 2 MONTHS I SHOULDN'T HAVE TO PAY THE SAME PRICE. 1.) I should get this fixed FOR FREE this time. Or at least at a nice discount. BECAUSE THIS IS NOT MY FUCKING PROBLEM THIS TIME. As I see it this is THEIR fault. And 2.) .........I should NOT have to wait the same amount of time as I did the first time. They should fix this FAST andddd make me first priority because I think this is very much their fault tbh. I want them to call up, order the part they need...NEXT DAY AIR that shit and give me back my laptop in 2 days tops.

...Unfortunately though none of the above requests will probably happen which is why I'm so pissed off. With the money for this next repair I would've spent the same for a new laptop. :/ Which is ridiculous seeing as that mine is only 2 years old and I take such good care of it. I AM SO MAD.

So tomorrow morning I think I'm going down there to bitch and yell and yell some more. Even though I'm too nice and socially awkward so I will probably just stay sweet. :/ But in any rate I will at least have the bill in hand... I know it's past their ~warranty but god dammit, it's only been two months and it's the EXACT SAME PROBLEM. :/ They have to do SOMETHING for me. We were so good to them... This is the same place where I BOUGHT my laptop and I've recommended them to so many people and gave them more money and business. UGHHHHH life is not fair. I hate everything.
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First public entry in FOREVER!!

I might as well just make my LJ completely friends only because the majority of my entries are friends only now. ^^; Maybe I'll start talking about more things that I don't think need to be ~locked soon.

-On Sunday I went to a fair with my parents. I actually really didn't want to go because I was having a perfectly fine lazy day. Plus I needed to take a shower really badly but was saving it for the nighttime because I figured I would eat dinner and then shower and get into my pajamas. But nope...we ate dinner and then my parents were all "LULZ TIME TO GO TO A FAIR 8D" >.> It was annoying 'cause I wish they would've told me sooner! Then I would've showered in the morning and did my hair and I would have been prepared! This is why I hate spontaneous plans. I like to KNOW what I'm doing at the start of the day so I could plan myself accordingly and have myself ready! Either tell me the day before or in the morning, don't save it for 5 minutes before you want to leave. -_- But whateeeever, we actually had a nice time. Thank god for body sprays and dry shampoo!! We only stayed for about an hour and a half. There was an Elvis impersonator there! With the costume and all! xD He was so into it, it was funny. I felt kind of bad, though, because no one was listening to him at all really and you know he'd much rather be performing in Vegas or something. I went on exactly 2 rides while I was there. :P I don't really like carnival rides, they seem unsafe and they're too nauseating. >.> /old lady. I went on this one ride with my mama and then all three of us went on bumper cars. I played two games too. I won this reaaaally random stuffed animal of a banana with dreadlocks. I don't even know. Then we played another game to try and win a goldfish but nobody won. :( It's a lot harder than it looks! I wanted to win one to save them because I feel so bad for them and I know they usually die. :( So I thought I could save it if I put it in my GOOD tank with my two happy fishies. Oh well. We also got some zeppoles while we were there so noooom those were good. :9 It was nice that I got along with both of my parents while we were there, wasn't awkward and all that. Yay!

-My Konad nail stuff came in the mail yesterday! :D I was so happy!! I tried it right away even though I had only just painted my nails a few days before. Omg they are AWESOME. They weren't aaaaas easy to use as I thought, but that was just because I didn't know what I was doing at first. I actually had to redo it twice because I only succeeded with my pinky so I had to take the pattern off which of course took off my base coat too, and then I had to repaint my for them to dry and then attempt the pattern again. It was time consuming. ^^; But then once I got the hang of it, it was fun! And I figured out how to touch up the spots I missed so that was good too. I'm really happy with the results! I tried the leopard print design first. :3 Here's a picture of them!!!! I really can't wait to try the other patterns. Once I get good at it I could play around with them more. :D The best part is that you don't have to use the special nailpolish that Konad's website tells you to use. The black I used for the pattern is actually this reaaaally cheap nailpolish that I bought at Party City. And it's old, too. xD; So that just goes to show you that anything works. :D I think it's just a matter of how dark the color you're using is and how it matches with the color your nails are painted already. I definitely recommend them to anyone who's really into doing their own nails if you don't have them already. :] They're awesome! And there's a loooot of design plates out there, too. I started with two but I'm definitely going to buy more. I'm also happy because this was the first time that I ordered from and I'm glad that it worked out for me! I'm definitely gonna order from Amazon again. :D In faaaact I'm gonna get another card really soon so I could buy OPI's Shatter polish from there. >:3

-I maaay be going to the beach for the first time tomorrow if it's sunny! We'll see. :D If not I think I'm going to lay outside at some point this week. It's soooo hot but I'll turn on the sprinkler. I actually want to attempt to really tan this year. Usually I'm so white which I don't hate 'cause...hay that's my skin tone. :P But I'm gonna try it. I'm actually afraid to tan because of how easily I burn, though, so hopefully I won't regret this plan of mine. xD